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ShowreelBox is the definitive platform for emerging & established talent to be seen on. Their aim is to help all members of the entertainment industry to network with industry professionals and find work. ShowreelBox allows artists to list their work resume and attributes so that industry insiders can narrow their searches when looking to cast up-and-coming projects.

A refreshing addition to the entertainment industry

Brand Design

The first task for Foundry Digital when approached by ShowreelBox was to create their brand. With a basic brief including a desire to incorporate the wording “ShowreelBox”, our design team set to work exploring which type faces, layouts and colour schemes would align the company with the entertainment industry. The resulting logo plays on the idea of film and assists in presenting ShowreelBox as an exciting addition to the entertainment industry.

Website Design & Development

Having built the ShowreelBox brand, the next step was to design and develop a website that gave ShowreelBox a strong online presence.

The ShowreelBox team sought an appealing website for actors, models, presenters, musicians and other members of the entertainment world to showcase their talent to industry leaders and other professionals. Foundry Digital assembled a user-friendly registration and membership functionality which links through to each individual’s profile area from which visitors can access to each artist’s portfolio. Our designers ensured that the profile pages have a striking design that artists can proudly present themselves on, enabling them to present themselves as being of a professional standard that will impress potential employers.

eCommerce Design & Development

ShowreelBox operates as a member’s platform, and as such Foundry Digital were tasked with including an additional eCommerce element to the overall website design and development stage. This allows artist’s to acquire membership, enabling them to make full use of the platform and boost their own online presence as they progress through their careers to being successful stars.


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