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At Foundry Digital, we all too often encounter clients who ask for SEO without properly understanding what these 3 letters actually mean!  So we thought we’d help out by explaining the basics.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which means ranking highly on search engines such as Google and Bing – naturally a very attractive concept to all business owners. But being recognised and ranked by search engines is no magic trick. It takes consideration, time (and sometimes budget) to put together an effective SEO

Many factors affect the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, it is not a single element that can be added on at the end of the web design and build process, however this does not mean the myth that it is beyond everyone’s understanding is true. When spoken about as a whole it can appear complex and overly techy, but when broken down into items it becomes accessible and realistic to strategise.

“So what elements must I consider?!” I hear you cry.

Well luckily, Foundry Digital therefore present you with these top tips to build strong SEO foundations:

Don’t be consumed by the classic case of seeking highly sought after keyword phrases without regularly updating your website or considering its content.


Be code savvy

By paying attention to the code of your website, making it clean and search engine friendly, you are more likely to be recognised and ranked by the big Search Engines. From the offset, consideration of code can help lay the foundations for SEO. The code holds important information such as the title of your website is, its topic, the page titles, and even what the images and content are about, all of which Search Engines read.

Meta titles- The title tag and meta description should be page specific to catch the Search Engine’s attention. Duplication of mets descriptions will be noticed by search engine spiders and disregarded.

To summarise, what your code translates to various search engines about your site is a component that should be considered as can affect SEO greatly.



Be considerate of content

You are much mistaken if you think can fool the giant business that is the search engine business by shoving your content full of keywords.  Instead, this highlights to search engines your intention to cheat the system, which will work against you. Search engine spiders are programmed to ignore websites that are guilty of overstuffing with keywords, so use them strategically.

Search Engine businesses exist to serve the best and most relevant information to their searching users, so it is key to keep the user in mind when creating your website copy. A natural writing style of including a keyword phrase in each content’s opening, closing, and regularly throughout the main body of text content, is search engine friendly.

Keyword strategy should extend to other off-site platforms for maximum effect, so it is important to consider your SEO strategy as a whole. You can form a multi-channel SEO strategy by repeating keyword phrases across your promotional work on the likes of Twitter, Linked In, Email , Facebook.

To summarise, it is not just the pages of your website that hold content that Search Engine’s search for, so both copy of the website itself, and copy on other related channels should consolidate in message and keywords for the search engines to read.



Be sure to blog often

Writing a weekly blog that seeks to engage your target audience results in your website being read and loved by search engines by proving you’re an active, user-orientated site. This will be reflected in your ranking position, so is a simple yet effective way to work towards improving your website’s SEO.

To summarise,  if you write good quality blog content that is primarily considerate of your audience, it is most likely to be optimised.



Be inbound link aware

For higher search engine rankings, Inbound links are important. These are links form external sites that direct a user to your site.

Links that are read best by Search Engines are those which naturally occur in the website’s life by people liking the site and then sending links form their site to yours.  If your site lacks these non-fabricated links then its ranking position will be lower.  You may like to strategise content marketing and social media to raise the amount of inbound links to your website as high quality links from authority sites can help a website’s ranking position.

Note: Search Engines are not fans of purchased links



Be in the know about domains

It is the frustrating truth that websites with aged domain names and that have accumulated greater content, rank higher on search engine searches. Whilst the age of your domain name is something you cannot change, there is something that you can control. The Domain Name’s expiry date. By purchasing your domain name for longer than single year periods, search engines will read permanent intentions and therefore position your website higher.

Note: Having keywords that you want to rank for in your domain will contribute to your overall ranking position.



Be engaged

With all this activity taking place to try and boost SEO, it is important for you to monitor and track results and progress. The tool that Foundry Digital often recommend to clients is Google Analytics. You are able to monitor the organic search traffic your site receives and what keywords visitors are using to reach your website in search engine results. From these observations you can see what is working and what is not so that you can strengthen your SEO strategy.



So Search Engines are looking for:

  • Code: That cleanly defines and captures your site’s purpose


  • Content: Regularly updated (blogging is useful), natural style content that is not stuffed full of keywords.


  • Links: External sites direct to your site’s content via links.


  • User Experience: Attractive with simple, appealing navigation that loads efficiently


We hope you keep these top tips in mind as your site is designed, developed and maintained,  and you begin to see ranking improvement!

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