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The entertainment business is growing quickly, and live music is only expanding rapidly with it! The industry is in it’s prime, but only with the help of businesses such as the exclusive Sound Advice, who make live events tick! The super exciting news that we want to share, is that Foundry Digital have launched Sound Advice’s website today!


Sound Advice was founded in 1981 by Hugh Phillimore, where the business initially worked in booking bands for balls, with little knwoledge of the amazing success yet to come. The business grew in a snowball effect reaching all areas of the industry meaning Sound Advice now provide comedians and DJ’s for events as well as the exceptionally high profile bands and artists they could offer from the business conception. With an extremely impressive portfolio, Sound Advice has grown and grown .


Alongside booking and producing for private events, Sound Advice are additionally involved in booking and producing electrifying major events. Cornbury Music Festival is just one of the major events that Sound Advice provide bands and artists for. Their strong relationship with the Cornbury Music Festival truly showcases their remarkable talent and expertise in this sector, which we think is just brilliant. They really can support all needs for every kind of brief, sourcing the best musical talent around!


To ensure that Sound Advice can reach out to all types of clients looking for a service as such, a functional and well designed website was pivotal. This is where Foundry’s help came in, to design and develop a site which was compatible across all web devices. Furthermore a gallery with outstandingly high-resolution images is one of the many features which makes the website simply special in showcasing Sound Advice’s real talent. A stylish and simple layout reflects the nature of the company who will continue to grow, expand and develop in their true style. Just you watch!


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