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SSL simplified how to choose the right SSL Certificate for your website

Clients often ask Foundry what SSL is and whether it is a necessary purchase for their site. So here is a brief but informative investigation of SSL certificates to erase the mystery surrounding them.

SSL is the backbone of our secure Internet, protecting sensitive information or data as it travels across the world.  Once an SSL certificate has been enabled, all traffic will be redirected from HTTP, the standard protocol for transferring data, to HTTPS, the encrypted safer version.

Whilst https:// is a familiar site, what does this mean for your business? Being a https:// site boosts your SEO. Google has publically stated it gives preference to secure websites using HTTPS. So with an SSL certificate, your company is likely to rank higher, resulting in more visits, which can translate into more business!

A web page with SSL protection has a padlock icon to reflect that the user is accessing a secure page. Although not many visitors will understand the ins and outs of SSL, there does seem to be an understanding that a page with a padlock icon is ‘good’.  Studies show that consumers usually abandon online checkouts if the site doesn’t appear secure, so an SSL acts as reassurance to your customers, therefore encouraging business or custom to ensue. Sounds like a winner right?!




Indeed, Foundry consider SSL certificates to be beneficial to a client’s site safety and business. However, it seems that clients typically opt for a Simple SSL, probably attracted by its lows price tag. Foundry understand the benefit of choosing a Standard or Extended SSL and want to share these words of wisdom with you:

Whilst a Simple SSL provides necessary encryption of data for a site to be safe, there are features of Standard or Extended SSL certificates that are worth the larger cost that they entail. There seems to be a myth that purchasing the more high end certificates is only worth it for large ecommerce stores where data security is paramount, so Foundry would like to challenge this idea, and open your minds to selecting Standard or Extended SSLs.

Firstly, with disruption to your site’s running having the potential to lose you business and even being detrimental to your reputation, it can be defeating when your SSL certificate does not compensate you in any way for such incidents. A Simple SSL has no warranty, meaning you don’t have any assurance in times when there are problems with your website.

simple ssl


Standard and Extended SSLs’ inclusion of warranty is therefore a significant perk of purchasing a higher-end SSL. A Standard SSL offers a warranty up to $10,000, whilst an Extended warranty goes a step further with a warranty of up to $250,000 available.


standard ssl


Additionally, a highly encrypted SSL certificate will allow you to take online payments securely without a third-party merchant, reducing your costs and increasing payment options for customers. Similarly, if you ask visitors for any personal details, you can protect them instantly with an SSL certificate. This safeguards visitor data instantly by encryption, preventing any other parties getting access and data cannot be intercepted when it is being accessed by authorised users.

Furthermore, by providing Domain Authentication, the Standard and Extended SSL certificates that Foundry offer can help protect your site’s domain from brand copycats.

Finally, big companies opt for high end SSL certificates. Therefore, your choosing of an Extended SSL positions your brand against the top dogs of your industry. It shows that you won’t be intimidated by big brands, and wish to present yourselves as their competition.


extended ssl


Foundry offer the Simple, Standard and Extended SSL certificates provided by Alpha SSL and Global Sign for a very competitive price.

GlobalSign is one of the industry’s most trusted names, and utilising its SSL certification for your website clearly displays recognised authority and security. Selecting a Standard or Extended SSL certificate ensures GlobalSign protection and the reputation of your website being associated with a group of world-renowned security experts.

So why not contact Foundry about changing the SSL certificate your site has?


Why is having an SSL certificate critical for companies in the Finance Industry?

Foundry Digital know SSL certificates to be essential for Banks and Financial companies looking to gain and retain custom and a good reputation.  SSL certificates are recognised by potential customers as signalling a safe and secure website; two factors that are understandably a priority for users considering handing over their personal information and dealing with their money online.

An https:// in a bank’s web address answers concern for a user such as “Can someone else access my funds?” ” Is my personal information safe?” So a bank’s investment in an SSL certificate gives a user peace of mind and confidence in choosing the company.

A user would be discouraged from using a bank if it did not have a https:// , as assumes it is an unsafe environment. As not having an SSL Certificate puts the data you store at risk to hackers and turns away potential customers, investing in a robust SSL certificate is a logical decision for any company of the finance industry that prides themselves in providing a secure service.



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