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Successful PPC campaigns

At Foundry Digital we aim to exhaust all avenues of organic search and display advertising before we move to paid campaigns, but that doesn’t mean that paid advertising campaigns can’t be hugely successful. Pay Per Click campaigns are incredibly powerful and can be executed in fun, creative ways!


There are some great examples online of where a business has implemented all the tools of the trade to ensure that their pay per click campaign is successful and has a big impact on the online market. The examples that we have chosen all use Google ad space, but there are other ad spaces available as well including Facebook, Instagram and Bing. Below we have outlined four PPC campaigns that are known for being successful, and exemplify the different aspects of creating an impactful campaign.

Snickers – selecting the right target audience

Focusing on the easy mistake that we have all made, of misspelling a search term when searching hurriedly for something on Google, Snickers cornered search engine results pages on Google for their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign.

As well as being witty and very creative, this PPC ad campaign is very clever. Instead of finding a specific segment of their target audience to focus on, Snickers went even broader to the category of “everyone who makes spelling mistakes”. Whilst the Click Through Rate of this campaign was only 1.05%, the ads generated over half a million impressions in just two days. This would have given Snickers huge amounts of exposure, boosting their online visibility.

Kleenex – exploiting analytics and consumer demographics

In 2012, Kleenex took full advantage of Google Analytics and the general habit that people have of turning to Google Search when diagnosing their cold and flu symptoms. By analysing the locations and times at which cold and flu-related queries were the most popular searches on Google, they carefully selected their target audience.

Kleenex timed their ads so that they appeared in SERPs at times of year and in geolocations where their research suggested that users would be most likely to see them. The result was enormous success, with total sales increasing by over 40% in the first two months.

FORWARD3D – identifying campaign goals

Campaign success metrics don’t always have to be centred around producing more cashflow or website traffic. Success can also come in the form of boosted trust in your brand, and SEO services provider FORWARD3D demonstrated this really well in their 2017 PPC campaign.

Their ad campaign shows you how to make the most of meta information, including web page title, URL and meta description, to produce a targeted, relevant and effective advert.

SEMrush – a textbook example of a solid PPC ad campaign

Here is an example of a PPC ad that Foundry Digital think works well.

SEMrush have an ad that targets any users looking to learn about how to create a successful ppc campaign. It provides an attractive offer of a free trial, which is enticing to its audience and gives them an incentive to use the company’s services. As well as this the ad provides related site links that users are likely to find helpful, again making the ad appealing to their target audience.

Conducting a successful PPC campaign is much like creating your Digital Marketing Strategy, it requires research and an in-depth understanding of your audience, your goals and your means to achieve these goals. Foundry Digital offer advice on conducting PPC campaigns across Google and Facebook ads, so get in touch today and we can discuss the best way to achieve your own business goals.


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