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Test and test your website to avoid damaging your visitors online experience


Many businesses concentrate their attention on the website’s design and promotion as they assume that testing is only necessary once to make sure it works and looks good.  In fact, companies sometimes are worry more about designing, layout, wording than functionality or browser compatibility.

It sounds obvious but testing a website has to be done many times not under graphic designer point of view but as a new visitor and as a returning visitor perspective.

It is always expected that every time anyone navigates on a website all functionalities must performance well.  The failure to fulfill visitors experience and expectations could completely ruin sales leads or even worse an actual customer could be lost forever.

Why website testing is important?


First point of contact: Websites are in many cases the initial point of contact with a company. It is where the customer experience starts.  It is where the relationship between client and business will start to strengthen.

Increases lead sales and customers:  If your website from the beginning satisfies users’ experience without any disruptive technical issues, it is more likely the user becomes a returning visitor or client.

Increment conversion rates: Everything your company spends on online marketing campaigns can be a waste of money if visitors click away due to a technical problem. So make sure every functionality works to perfection from passwords to online forms.

Customers will gain confidence in your brand, products and services:  If your websites doesn’t performance well, customers will start to question about your company’s products and services. On the contrary, if your website inspires confidence, customers are going to share a bond of trust and loyalty with your brand.

Enables your company to be ahead of the competition: The best way to convert your visitors into returning visitors is making sure everything works good as it possibly can be, and that could be one of the way to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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