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The Rise of WooCommerce as an Ecommerce Solution

Currently, 30 % of eCommerce websites are powered by WooCommerce.




Are you looking to sell a product or service online? Foundry know that deciding upon an eCommerce platform  for your business is a big decision and that the options available may be overwhelming. So today we are going to talk about WooCommerce, our current ecommerce favourite.

Ecommerce has changed the possibilities of business in the modern world. With WordPress’ huge, and growing user base, WooCommerce has become increasingly used, contributing to the shifting way in which business is carried out online. Powering 30% of online stores and offering a vast array of features in a user-friendly style, it has huge potential to long-term monopolize shop website

WooCommerce is sold as a plugin that ‘allows you to sell anything, beautifully’.  But what features enable this ‘beauty’?

One of WooCommerce’s biggest benefits is its flexibility. Although a free content management system, it offers an extensive range of features, and can be adapted further by purchasing add-ons that extend the design and function options.



  • Your shop can be tailored to selling physical and digital goods of all shapes and sizes, with prices and categorization being edited dependent on the type of items.
  • There is also flexibility in terms of payment, with hundreds of different payment platforms able to be integrated to a WooCommerce shop page.
  • This flexibility also enables adaptation for a business’ growth as can be modified according to a seller and business’s needs.


WooCommerce enables a professional structure to be created, which is key to creating and maintaining a successful shop. Order tracking, viewing past and open orders, updating delivery statuses etc etc are necessary factors for a professional shop and are all readily available via WooCommerce. Similarly, WooCommerce can aid inexperienced and experienced merchants alike by providing a built in analytics system that houses all stats necessary for a clear view of the shop’s progress.

Its foundation of WordPress enables you to easily have a blog accompanying your shop and website. Patrick Rauland, a WooCommerce engineer, stresses the importance of raising the profile of your products through blogging. Therefore, its WordPress foundation helps extend your customer network.

Similarly, it helps you sustain a client’s custom by providing the detail of a check box by which a customer can agree to join the shop’s mailing list. You are therefore more likely to get returning customers as you can maintain contact with potential customers through your newsletter marketing.

This can all be set up without you needing to know all that much about the technical side of the programing.  Indeed, its existence as a WordPress plugin, renowned for its user-friendly set up, makes WooCommerce a platform on which you can create an appealing shop without confusion. Shop owners can edit content, removing the delay of having to rely on web design and coding professionals.

Another perk of WooCommerce is their desire to continue expanding features to maintain user satisfaction.

Here are the latest expansions of WooCommerce



Olark is an easy and effective way to talk to customers and offer support, with powerful features to give you access to visitors and their behavior.



Live Chat is a feature an be used for support or sales. You’re able to connect with the website’s visitors, enabling you to answer queries instantly alongside as well as driving further sales.



 Ordoro Pro manages your inventory, listing inventory quantities and monitoring changes.  The automatic nature of Ordoro pro means that the app alerts you if running low on inventory, ensuring that you never run out.



The customization of email receipts that Receiptful allows helps leverage the selling potential of receipts.  It is also a free way of providing customer receipts, increasing profit  by saving on paper and post costs.



The Accomodaion Bookings feature adds an ‘accomodation’ option to WooCommerce bookings so that your guests can quickly book overnight stays in a few clicks.  Guests can request checking-in and checking-out times so that their trip is more tailored to them. This specifying message provides you with more knowledge of their stay, so you can be prepared accordingly. The theme of your control is continued with the addition of ‘override price’ enabling you to automatically charge special rates as required.


WooCommerce is a plugin that Foundry believes has a bright future.




Ecommerce Platform Main Features

Flexible Product Catalogue

Flexible site navigation allowing for easy product browsing by product grouping

Display an unlimited number of products, product groups and product subgroups

Automated site navigation features including menu navigation and ‘breadcrumb trail’

Customised Section Summaries/landing pages

Bespoke Product page layout

Specify shipping weights for each product

Support for multiple product images, custom defined fields

Display featured products in their own prominent panel


Shopping Basket & Secure Payment Features

Fully featured shopping basket including product summaries, quantity and totals

Integration to your preferred online Payment Service Providers SAGE

Request a Quote – Support for customer-generated enquiries/quotations

Modify or amend product quantities directly within the basket

Shopping basket summary visible on every page

Order confirmation emails are sent to customer and shop owner automatically

Orders are saved to a secure database, for peace of mind


Powerful Searching

Easily search by keyword across the entire site

Filter search across a subset of categories

Powerful searches across all product details on the site (product names, codes, brands, descriptions, product values, meta data, etc.)

Refine product searches by ordering results by Product name or by price


Flexible Shipping Models

Fully comprehensive, flexible shipping features

Choose between International Shipping or UK only

Charge for shipping based on weight or order value

Offer free delivery over a set order value or weight to increase sales

Multiple carrier support (e.g. Royal Mail, UPS, etc.)

Define and manage your own delivery zones


Stock Management

Display Stock levels on the product pages, or more generic messages such as ‘In Stock’ or ‘Out of Stock’

Suspend ordering for out of stock items or allow out of stock ordering


Flexible VAT options

Define multiple VAT rates

Set VAT levels on individual products to allow for exempt items

Set rules to exempt VAT on overseas orders

Display prices including or excluding VAT


Clear  Back Office

Online shop management

Built-in order-processing – flexible workflow allows processing of orders from receipt to shipment

Simple visual management of product categories, allowing for multiple levels

Accurately calculates shipping and taxation costs

Create and view sales reports

Flexible searching and sorting of orders and products

Comprehensive online product management and maintenance

Simple entry of product and category meta data to aid with site search

Automated Customer Communication – automated customer emails each step of the way


Additional Modules

My Account – Customers can log in and track their orders, view order history, manage/update their details, and manage their shipping addresses

Multi Currency – Adds the facility to display prices in multiple currencies across the entire site

Advanced Reporting – View the top search phrases used on the Web site, View detailed reports on a per product basis, including value of sales over time and quantities sold

Volume Discounting


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