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Top Search Queries extended to 1 year in Google's Webmaster Tools

Google will extend results from its Webmaster Tools “Top Search Queries” from 90 days to one year, according to an article from Search Engine Land, this covering a conflict between Google limiting the time period such data was available in Google Webmaster Tools but setting no such limit for publishers who imported that data into Google AdWords accounts.

This will result in users being able to see organic and paid Query Data side by side. According to Google, The Search Queries page provides information about Google’s Web Search queries that have returned pages from a site and also users can see information about the pages on a site that were seen frequently in search results.

To view search queries simply visit the Webmaster Tools home page, click the site you want and once the interface opens click on Search Traffic, and then click Search Queries.

By default, the Search Queries page shows combined query stats for all search types. This data can provide valuable information about a site, where you can review the query list for expected keywords, Compare Impressions and CTR to identify how you can improve content and If you have an AdWords account, review the Query list for keyword ideas.

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