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Top tips for top content:
how having sticky content can boost traffic to your website

Content is not just about words, it’s also about having powerful photography and engaging video. We’d like to share with you some of our tips for how to produce high quality, interesting content.

As a website owner you want as many people as possible to visit your site. But if they’re not hanging around, those high numbers mean absolutely zilch.

If it’s looking like your visitors seem to be leaving after not very long, you should consider making some changes. When encouraging visitors to browse for longer, content is key, so to help you get your head around this and figure out a game plan, we’ve put together a few handy tips to guide you.


Vary your content

When it comes to content, monotony has the same effect as reading a boring book: you switch off after a paragraph or so and find yourself having to flick back a couple of pages because you haven’t actually paid any attention to what was being said. Cue flashbacks of studying for University dissertations…

If you post article after article after article, using the same format or layout, it’ll be trickier for readers to distinguish between old and fresh content. Not only will a variety of content be more likely to engage readers, but it’ll be more visually appealing too. Consider posting a video instead of a blog post, or swap out a news article with a press release.

Use headlines and make sure to have a punchy intro too. According to Time Magazine writer and CEO of Chartbeat Tony Haile, 55% of users will spend less than 15 seconds on a website. That means that it is literally a race against time to grab your readers’ attention and assure them that you’ve got something that they want to know about.


Know your audience

By “know your audience” we don’t mean, “have a comprehensive list of every visitor’s favourite colour and their pet’s name”, we mean be aware of what they’re coming to your website for. If they want to know how the new GDPR regulations will affect their small business, it would be a good idea to have a few blog posts or news articles about this topic. If they’re looking for the best local plumber, have a few customer testimonials available.

The way you write and deliver your content is in the most part dictated by who will be consuming it. Think about it: if you go to a tech website looking for some advice or support, it won’t take you long to hit that “X” in the top corner if the content is full of complicated tech-speak and industry jargon, right?

It’s also helpful to track the demographics (like age, gender and location) of your audience, and using a tool such as Google Analytics can help you to do this. This will help you to adopt the most appropriate voice for your content, and will make it more appealing to your audience.


Break up text

Having one big, stand-alone chunk of text as a blog post doesn’t exactly scream “read me”. Or it does, but it sounds more like a teacher giving you homework on the last day of term than someone handing you a bank cheque. Even if you’ve got multiple paragraph or page breaks, words are not very visually appealing when they’re not accompanied by some form of illustration.

Make sure to break up text so that visitors aren’t intimidated by long articles or posts. By using headings, you can remind the reader at each section that they’re reading something that is relevant and interesting to them and also prepares them for what you’re going to talk about next. Titles and subtitles can also help to boost your SEO if you use the right keywords in them, but be careful not to overdo this as it can work against you.

You can also incorporate images or graphics to explain what you’re talking about. This is especially important if your article is a bit heavy on the industry lingo – infographics are a great way of getting your point across in a more visually appealing and concise way.



Recycle content

This may sound like a bit of a shortcut or just plain lazy, but actually it’s a helpful little cheat code that can save you time and also make sure that your latest piece of content is a hit.

If you’ve previously posted something that your visitors devoured every last crumb of and saw your engagement stats soar, you’ll know how great it feels to know that you did that. But it can be quite tricky to consistently produce such popular content. So instead of copying the formula that you used for the last big success and hoping for a fluke repeat, why not just reuse that golden oldie?

By tweaking and tailoring an old article to update it or make it more relevant to a current popular topic, you can improve the odds of the new version going down a treat too. Swap “Top tips to boost Black Friday bargains” for “Make sure you’re ready for Summer Sales”, and you’ll not only be bringing back those old readers but also making sure that your customers are finding your website easily in the new season.


Link content to social media

Once you’ve written that article you can pat yourself on the back, but there is still something more you can do to improve the chance of visitors engaging with your content. Something to consider is how you will boost that content, where will you put it so that it is most easily accessed by your readers?

Whatever social media platforms you use, make sure that your fresh content is being advertised across them all. If you’re not making it obvious that you’ve got a must-read blog post newly posted to your website, how can you expect your followers to share in your excitement? By tweeting, posting on Facebook or LinkedIn or putting a photo on Instagram you’ll improve the odds of your post trending and your article reeling in the hits, especially if the topic is relevant or popular.

Let us help

Hopefully you’ve stayed long enough to read through to this point (and maybe even enjoyed it) and we will have managed to demonstrate how to produce good content. These tips aren’t all that Foundry Digital can offer you in terms of advice on how to bring back site visitors. If you need some more advice, why not get in touch and talk to us about the content marketing solutions that we offer our clients?


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