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Digital marketing can be central to your business’ success to both boost and maintain your online visibility.



We can assist your brand in catching your target audience’s attention by ensuring your presence is visible across multiple digital platforms

When considering an online marketing strategy, organic and paid searches should still pretty much be at the top of your list. Chat to our experienced team to learn about the ever changing world of search engine optimisation and pay per click, to see how we can assist you in ranking for relevant keywords in your area of industry.



Having a beautiful, well functioning website designed and built by Foundry Digital is only the first step to your company being an online success

It needs to appear on the big search engines such as Google and Yahoo for it to reach your target audience. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) becomes a MUST.

Here at Foundry Digital, we ensure your site is optimised by including keywords you wish to rank for in your website code, and advising you on how to include them in the copy.



We will explore together the social networks landscape where your business is likely to move and improve the levels of online exposure expected in your sector

We aim to deliver high impact social media management that’s cost effective and rewarding as part of your social marketing strategy across different channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Ello, Tumblr and Pinterest among others.



Online advertising is a cost effective way of generating highly qualified sales leads and targeted visitors to your website

One of the main benefits that online advertising has is that the results are measurable, as you are able to track the responses to your advert all the way through to customer engagement or sale. This makes PPC Pay Per Click advertising online an attractive option for marketers as they can measure the return on investment and assess what advertising campaigns are driving high quality sales leads.



Smarten up your email marketing strategy with a data profiled campaign

We can integrate with a variety of applications and distribution platforms with features your business will benefit to reach the inbox and grow exposure and sales. Additionally, we offer reporting and analytics tools to measure a campaign performance.




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