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Use analysis and reporting to implement data-driven improvements to your Digital Marketing Campaign.

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Although perhaps not the most glamorous aspect of your Digital Marketing strategy, the analytics and reporting phase is ver important to understanding what is working and where ou can improve. Without analysing the performance of your Digital Marketing efforts, you won’t be able to learn about what your audience engage more with in terms of content, social media activity, email content and adverts. Maybe stats bore you and maths just isn’t your forte, but that shouldn’t be reason enough for you to ignore your data! Let us elucidate…

Foundry Digital believe that the analytics and reporting phase of all the digital marketing activity that we complete for our clients is without doubt, the most important phase. We know we sound like a broken record, but this time we mean it more. There is so much that you can learn from insights and analytics, and that goes for your website, ad campaigns, email campaigns and social media activity.

Where can I find my data?

Our go-to for website analytics is Google Analytics. It’s free to set up and if you use it properly is one of the most powerful analytics tools available to you as a small business owner. You can monitor web traffic, users’ behaviour on your website and find out which pages received the most visits – and that’s just for starters. You can go as far as to find out about your users demographic information and how long they spent on a given page of your website. Google Analytics provides reports on more metrics than is likely that you’ll need so if you feel like you need a hand interpreting all that data, then we’re your agency!

Social Media channels offer insights and analytics to all users, but some require business pages or accounts to be set up. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will give you handy engagement metrics such as link clicks, article reads and the number of News Feeds that your post appears in so you can figure out what types of content our followers and audiences enjoy most. Instagram and YouTube also give you these metrics, but will go further and tell you how many views our videos got, or how many profile visits your post generated. These channels also link up to Google Analytics, so ou can see how many referrals were generated to your website from each of your soical media cahnnels.


Ad campaigns revolve around analytics. You need to monitor their performance so you can figure out whether to tweak an element of it so that you aren’t wasting money driving the wrong sort of traffic to your website. When you run a campaign using Google AdWords, you can track clicks and pick up data from the users that do click on your advert. From there, Google Analytics will tell you their movements on your website and whether they completed the sales process.


Can I get data on my competitors?

We don’t quite have double “0” status but when it comes to competitor analysis, Foundry Digital are experts at espionage. The short answer to this questions is yes, you can get data on your competitors’ activity but you have to be clever about it. This is something that you will need professional guidance for (we can’t apologise for the shameless sales pitch there) and we have the tools to help you understand your market so that you can have an edge over your competitors.


When processing data and interpreting its meaning, many small business owners become overwhelmed. As we’ve already said, these analytics tools are incredibly powerful and can give you in-depth insights into the behaviours and characteristics of your audience. If you feel like you don’t quite know what to do with all of this information, we can help.

Foundry Digital are a London-based Digital Agency specialising in aspects of Digital Marketing including SEO, Social Media, PPC, Email, Content and CRO. We have experience in boosting the online presence of brands and businesses in a wide variety of industries, so get in touch today to see how we can use our expertise to help you make the most of your audience and turn leads into sales.

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