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Improve your website’s customer journey and user experience through implementation of data-backed testing strategies.

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Your approach to conversion rate optimisation should be at the heart of our entire Digital Marketing activity because it is the component that focuses on the target of all of your efforts: your consumer. The experience and journey that your website gives to your target audience is paramount to consider when it comes to nurturing leads and boosting conversions. If visitors have a good experience with your brand’s online presence, they’re more likely to engage with your content and enquire about your services. It can be tricky to decide where to start with testing layouts and the ease of your website’s user journey, but this is where we can help you.

Foundry Digital have a team of qualified Digital Marketers who can help put together a strategy that works to test and improve your website in order to make the user journey more pleasant for your target audience. We understand that your website is completely unique to your business and offers a different experience to that of your competitors, so our conversion rate optimisation services strive to improve your website’s look and feel so that you can attract users whilst also standing out within our industry. The ultimate goal is to see an increase in the conversions that your business sees, whether these are product sales or completed sign up forms. 

How does CRO work?

Before it all starts, CRO involves having an understand of what exactly you consider a conversion to be for your brand. Is it a contact form being filled out? Perhaps you’re more interested in a completed purchase? To inform CRO strategies,  it’s important to put yourself in the place of your target audience and identifying the objects that prevent them from completing a conversion. The next step is to identify the most appropriate testing methods to put in place that will help to identify whether the user experience offered by your website has been improved. From there the testing phase is initiated, when evidence-based changes are implemented to the layout and design of your website. Measuring how this impacts the conversions is the next stage, and tells us exactly how beneficial the conversion rate optimisation strategy was. This reporting and analysis phase is key to understanding how successful the CRO activity was and influences how much further refinement is required. We keep refining until the user journey is as smooth as possible, hopefully demonstrated by increased conversions.


As the way that customers interact with websites evolves, the user experience that these websites offer visitors will have to keep up with demands. That’s why it’s so important to have a CRO strategy in place so that you can continue to offer your target audience the most pleasant experience, as this will encourage them to complete conversions (be that buying or enquiring), and also to come back to your website and recommend it to friends in the long run. As a Digital Agency, Foundry Digital are constantly re-evaluating how we present our services to our customers to make it easier for them to be found and enquired about. This puts us in a great position to help your business out by creating a data-backed CRO strategy tailored to your goals and your target audience.


Foundry Digital are a London-based Digital Agency specialising in aspects of Digital Marketing including SEO, Social Media, PPC, Email, Content and CRO. We have experience in boosting the online presence of brands and businesses in a wide variety of industries, so get in touch today to see how we can use our expertise to help you make the most of your audience and turn leads into sales.

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