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Search marketing is a strategy used to boost organic traffic to your website by improving its ranking in Google’s search results pages.

For your business to have really good SEO, you need to understand how your audience operate online so you can provide them with relevant and up-to-date information that answers their search queries. Sound complicated? That’s where we come in.

Foundry Digital are the Digital Marketing Agency that small businesses and start-ups turn to to help boost their SEO. Our team of SEO specialists work closely with business owners, marketing managers and in-house marketing teams to understand your brand, your goals and your audience. We develop bespoke SEO strategies based on your unique business requirements, so that you can see increases in conversion rates. We’ll keep you up to speed with how well the strategy is working with regular feedback in the form of analytics reports.


We know that understanding a bit more about the search marketing process may help you to decide how your business can benefit from our expert SEO services, so here is a breakdown of how it works and why it is so important for online businesses.

How is my website ranked by Google?

Google reads the content of your website and positions it in search results according to its relevance and authority. To do this it sorts your SEO strategy into two sorts: on page and off page.

On page SEO relates to your copy, images and metadata that make up your website, all of which can be optimised. This means making it easier for Google to index your website according to the keywords that you want your website be found for when a user types them in as a Google search query.

Off page SEO is about your website as a whole and its authority amongst other similar websites. You can boost your authority by building up a library of strong backlinks to third party websites that have a good reputation in your industry.



How can Foundry Digital boost my business website’s SEO?

Our team of SEO experts at Foundry Digital have worked on boosting websites in a number of industries, from recruitment and finance to eCommerce and travel. To do this, an in-depth SEO audit into your website, target audience, business goals and company ethos is conducted. This information is then used to formulated a data-driven, evidence-backed strategy aimed at achieving your goals whilst also managing the search marketing strategy and tracking key-performance indicators.

Your search marketing strategy is not a stand alone one-trick pony, but functions best when aligned with the rest of your Digital Marketing strategy. To make the most of your SEO strategy, you should think about how you promote your business and services, and how you reach your customers. Do you use social media or email? Have you thought about paid search or do you prefer sticking with organic traffic? What type of content do you post and on which channels? Need help answering these questions?! That’s why we’re here!


Our search marketing team at Foundry Digital can make sure that your website optimised with strong copy, good linking structure and a pleasant user experience. All of this adds up to a strong SEO strategy and boosts the rankings that your website receives from Google. If you still can’t understand the benefits of SEO for small businesses and start-ups, then we haven’t quite practiced what we preach… But hopefully we have and you’re interested in learning more!

Foundry Digital are a London-based Digital Agency specialising in aspects of Digital Marketing including SEO, Social Media, PPC, Email, Content and CRO. We have experience in boosting the online presence of brands and businesses in a wide variety of industries, so get in touch today to see how we can use our expertise to help you make the most of your audience and turn leads into sales.


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