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Why build your website with WordPress?

Setting up a business is daunting enough without having to worry about how much it will cost to get someone to design a stylish and functional website for you. We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, so at Foundry Digital, we understand that you might think there is no way you can afford to create a website that has a major impact.

Never fear, WordPress is here!

Foundry Digital are here to dispel the menacing myth that free tools can’t generate masterpieces. How? We’re going to explain the numerous benefits of WordPress. If you’ve never heard about this incredibly handy content management software, or if you’re not sure it would work for your business, keep reading and you’ll soon learn all about the wonders of WordPress.

Solid Foundation
WordPress is a Content Management System equipped with countless tools set up in a user-friendly way, allowing you to manage your website content and media. It provides you with a solid foundation to which you can keep adding as you go; housing your content and boosting your online presence has never been so easy.

Limitless Design
With numerous themes, plugins and widgets, WordPress allows you to turn your visions into reality. Whilst some plugins and widgets will require payment, there are more than enough to keep you busy and let your creativity flow without costing a penny. As well as this, using an agency like Foundry Digital makes the platform 100% customisable, meaning that you can have a bespoke website design that is not limited to templates.

Read All About It
WordPress lets you incorporate a blog into your business website, meaning you can manage your posts without having to host them elsewhere and jump from site to site. Simply create your blog posts, and then have them populate your blog page – no dramas! At Foundry Digital, we can even configure blog categories for you so that you can organise your entries in a logical and appealing way. Having blog functionality allows you to stay on top of regularly updating your site’s content and therefore improves the chances of it being ranked by Google.

SEO Friendly
They say that if your website isn’t being recognised by search engines, then you may as well not have a website at all. But WordPress helps you to become SEO friendly.

At Foundry Digital, we use WordPress to assist in improving the chance of your site being ranked for key words. By assigning meta-tags, meta-descriptions and meta-titles across your website, we help to optimise your website for search engine scanning.

Strength to Strength
If all of the above isn’t enough to convince you of why WordPress is a great option for your small business website, perhaps a little bit of its own history might.

WordPress started in 2003 as a simple blog site, and that was all there was to it. Fast-forward to 2017 and you get an almost limitless tool with a vast variety of design and management options, making it one of the most versatile content management system softwares around.

As it is an open source, WordPress developers are actively working to improve and expand it, meaning that your site is pretty much future-proof. They are responsive to the wants and wishes of website owners and constantly update what they can offer, often surpassing all expectation with their forward thinking edits.

Help is at Hand
It’s great to know that nearly anything is possible with an exciting platform like WordPress, but we understand that it may seem like a lot to take on. Fortunately, there are forums and communities where users discuss features and updates. So the chances are that someone has already answered any questions you have, and there’ll be a plethora of helpful information to guide you. Aside from this, here at Foundry Digital we offer clients support on any features that they find particularly tricky to master and we even offer helpful maintenance packages.

Next Steps
So we’ve given you the info, now it’s up to you to take the plunge. The potential of WordPress is unlimited and you’ll be amazed at just how much you can achieve with this free tool. If you’d like to find out more about how Foundry Digital can assist you with using WordPress for your website design and build, then we’re just a phone call away. So if in doubt, just shout!


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