Why e-commerce fulfilment is the missing ingredient in the UX pie

Foundry Digital have partnered with Huboo, a new, innovate fulfilment service. Explaining why they are the perfect solution for e-commerce fulfilment, the Huboo team have created a quick guide on why sourcing a winning fulfilment solution is important to any e-commerce business.



When launching or relaunching an e-commerce brand, a huge amount of attention is rightly paid to UX (user experience). Ensuring all potential customers have a well-rounded, visually pleasing and intuitive journey through the website is critical to UX; but that journey doesn’t end when the customer clicks ‘buy now’. 

To complete the payment journey the product ordered must arrive on time, it must be intact, any tracking details must have been shared accurately and the price charged for both the product and delivery must be reflective in the quality of service received. That’s why Huboo believe reliable and inexpensive fulfilment is the umami any online business needs; the kick to a curry; the apple in a sweet, sweet e-commerce pie…


Finding the right e-commerce fulfilment solution

Of course, finding a reliable and inexpensive e-commerce fulfilment solution is an important step in the development of an e-commerce business. The team at Huboo confirm that compared to other aspects of UX, fulfilment often goes unheralded as a key contributor to the overall user experience, explaining that there are two primary reasons why:

Number one

First on the list is simply that fulfilment just isn’t something people actively think about, because fulfilment isn’t cool. Not many people go to bed at night dreaming of storing, picking, packing and posting. If they do, it may be possible that they need to see a doctor. Alternatively, maybe they should come and work for Huboo because they are likely going to oppose the next statement.

Number two

E-commerce fulfilment isn’t fun. Thinking about the brand, designing an amazing customer journey through a bespoke website, installing the best plug-ins to increase conversation rates; all these things are fun and interesting to think about. But e-commerce fulfilment is much simpler. It’s either reliable and good value, or it’s not. The best fulfilment service is the most boring fulfilment service, it’s the service that ticks over without ever having to worry about it but leaves lots of spare change in your pocket. Most importantly though, fulfilment goes unheralded as until recently there simply wasn’t a great option out there for businesses to rely on. That was until Huboo came along…


Keep customers coming back for more

Huboo couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with the team at Foundry Digital. Although it might seem a little biased, the partnership allows the two companies to cover the entire customer journey and ensure a joined-up user experience that will keep customers coming back for more, and then some more again. Huboo is extremely proud of the e-commerce fulfilment solutions offered and have outlined why they are the best solution for any e-commerce business:

  • Firstly, Huboo makes fulfilment as cool as it might ever be by actually changing the game. The ‘hub’ model of warehousing and innovate software means they have a genuinely innovative product; a product that enables them to service clients at a previously unheard-of price. The team knows that picking, packing, and postage are all just different shades of beige but remain utterly essential, and in the hands of Huboo even beige can be a good time.
  • They also keep fulfilment boring, in the best possible way. As already discussed, the best fulfilment service is the most boring fulfilment service. But should any problems arise, and unfortunately no matter how great a service is there will always be some problems, the Huboo model enables them to respond in a person-centric way. Putting the client personally in touch with the Huboo team responsible for picking and packing each product, giving the client greater control of inventory. 


Huboo and Foundry Digital hope this guide has convinced the need for reliable and inexpensive fulfilment or at least opened an understanding of the potential benefits of it. Please, go out there and explore all options, as Huboo is of course just one. But given everything said, save time and call Huboo right away – offering the path of least resistance, Huboo can tailor services to work for unique e-commerce business, there will always be a human to talk to when called, and of course, the costs speak for themselves. All sounds pretty tasty, doesn’t it?