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Why you can count on Foundry Digital for financial services apps and website design


Foundry Digital are pros at designing and building websites and applications for financial services companies.

Foundry Digital continue to attract clients across the finance sector, including Hedge Funds, Private Banks, Foreign Exchange Traders, Investment Houses and Accountancy Firms. We are confident and comfortable crafting awesome websites that suit the wants and needs of this industry, taking into consideration strict regulations, framework standards and good creative design principles.

When Andres founded Foundry, his foreign currency background attracted many finance related companies as it was recognised that his experience in this sector would benefit his approach to designing and building the right creative technology. Indeed, we find time and time again, that his financial knowledge is advantageous when we are crafting work for the finance industry.



Evidence is priceless!

See how our recent works successfully embrace the requirements of a financial website and represent finance in a visually impressive and user friendly way.

Look and functionality are paramount to a successful finance services site.  We are skilled at creating user-friendly sites for the Finance sector that are smart, professional and attractive both as a creative marketing piece and as a digital technology tool.Financial-Services

Our recent work designing and building for Julie Meyer’s Ariadne Capital showcases Foundry’s ability to intertwine a sleek look with a smooth functionality.  The site has a strong visual identity with its colour scheme and page layout demanding the user’s attention and making the company memorable . The  user-friendly navigation encourages a visitor to learn more about the company and therefore increases the chance of visitors being converted into customers.

We are familiar with the requirements of financial services sites and are comfortable implementing and styling variables so that functions such as currency conversion are available to their site visitors.




Banks have often perceived it to be illogical to invest in their brand identity because of the near identical services their competitors offer. However, an industry where all companies blur into a sea of sameness should be taken as an opportunity to stand out and make an impact.  We know that great website design and functionality can be beneficial to you attracting potential customers.

Something often lacking for Finance companies are relevant visuals. How about using infographics to explain text information in an attractive and engaging way? Adding visual elements can make a finance company stand apart from the crowd by adding points of interest to a website and , and simplify long or complex information for a user.

Take a look at these examples:

A) Look at how we bring statistics to life in this visual way. Turning the figures into icons makes this information easier decipher instead of being a numerical overload. The coffee cups assists a viewer in drawing comparison between the number of coffees rather than presenting them with numbers that can be impractical to compare. We’re sure you’ll agree that this infographic displays numerical data in an engaging way.Coffee-price-cost-infographic-Foundry

B) Colour and shape are key to crafting an eye catching and engaging infographic. As you see below, monetary data has been transformed into a visually appealing image. The colour key is impactful due to the bold but complimentary colours and the rings are eye catching whilst representing the statistics effectively. This design certainly livens up statistics about exports!



These infographics exemplify how we can transform numerical data into appealing visuals that would be engaging on a Financial Service website and help you stand out from your competition in the way that you present information.

Having demonstrated our skill at designing and building websites for the finance sector time and time again, Foundry Digital welcome the opportunity to work more with this industry.

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See for yourself:


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