Why you should use an agency to build your eCommerce website

A common question is why you should choose an agency over an in-house team or freelancer to build your eCommerce website. We have the track record and the portfolio to showcase why agencies are the right choice when it comes to complete your eCommerce project.


We don’t want to come across like we’re being unfair to in-house teams or freelancers, but we do want to explain why it is that choosing an agency to help build your eCommerce website is a decision that comes up trumps. Still, it’s an important decision that you have to make, so we’ve put together some advice that we hope will help to make your choice a whole lot easier.



Agencies have more expertise:

More brains = more creativity

In-house developers may seem like a good option because they’re right there in the office with you, and it’s a little faster to do the “back-and-forth” communication that may require a little more patience with an agency. Even though this seems like a big plus, one problem with having a solo in-house developer is that they are just that: one person. In contrast, if you go to an agency like Foundry Digital you get an entire team of brains buzzing with ideas and experience, all coordinated by project managers who will streamline the process and get the job done.


In-depth knowledge and experience of a variety of eCommerce platforms

Similarly, an in-house developer may only have experience with one type of platform, so what happens if you decide to go with a different one? Well, you’re going to get a less successful project because that developer is going to be coasting along on far less knowledge and experience than a team of experts with experience of a variety of platforms. So for the difference between waiting a little while longer for an email response from an agency, and the time it takes for you to swivel in your chair and tap your developer on the shoulder, you can be sure that you’ll be getting advice that is wholly relevant to your project and whichever eCommerce platform you decide to go with. At Foundry Digital we have experience with a variety of eCommerce platforms, including some big names like WooCommerce and Magento, so if you need some advice on which payment platform to use, we can use our expertise to guide you.


Dedicated team

The process involved in building an eCommerce website isn’t quite as simple as “Design, Development, Done”. To successfully take your brand to market, you have to jump through numerous hoops including tech strategy and planning, and decisions on platforms and CMSs. This is an enormous workload for one freelancer to take on and immediately lends the eCommerce build journey to being completed by an agency team. At Foundry Digital, we have people with expertise in each respective stage of the eCommerce journey but we operate as one collective unit, bringing your vision to life in the most thorough and collaborative way possible. We don’t stop there either! Once you’ve launched your eCommerce website, we’ll work with you to boost its online presence with a bespoke Digital Marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience.


With an Agency, you’ll get more for your money:

Less of a financial “ball and chain”

Whilst developers are obviously key to building an eCommerce website, they’re not required 24/7, 100% of the time throughout the build process. So when you get to a stage of the process that doesn’t involve your in-house developer, you still have to pay their salary and benefits. Going with an agency is less of a financial commitment: once your project finishes and you no longer require their services you won’t be contractually obligated to continue paying them. At an agency like Foundry Digital we make sure to consider the workload and come up with a cost-effective plan to suit your unique project. As well as this, with us you’ll pay on launch meaning that you only have to pay a deposit up front and we won’t cut corners to complete your project.


Increased productivity

Ever heard the phrase “two brains are better than one”? Well, the chances are that an agency will have many more than just “two brains” so any project you take to them they’ll not only be able to get done to a higher standard, but also much faster than if you ask one person to complete it. Why? Because the level of productivity you’ll be getting with an agency is far higher. They’re a team working together and pooling all of their resources which will lead to the successful building of your project over a shorter space of time than an in-house developer is capable of.  Ever heard the phrase “time is money”? Yeah we thought so…



Hopefully this article has convinced you as to why you should choose an agency to help build your eCommerce website. If you still don’t believe that we know what we’re talking about, check out our portfolio to see some of our eCommerce website projects.


As an eCommerce agency, how can we help you?

At Foundry Digital, we take the time to get to know you and your brand, as well as what you want to achieve with your project. We start the process with a consultancy stage when we create a bespoke tech strategy and plan for your project. From there we collate our expertise and bring together our team of highly skilled designers and developers to build your eCommerce website, giving advice on topics like choosing the best platform and payment gateways along the way. Once you’ve successfully launched your website, we’ll continue to offer expertise which will allow your target audience to be reached and help boost your website’s SEO.

If you think that Foundry Digital could help you with your eCommerce project, then give us a call on 020 7736 7959 or send us your brief.