WooCommerce: The secret to building a successful ecommerce website

Is your business considering selling products online? WooCommerce may be the most flexible and cost effective platform in the market to build your e-commerce website. WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce solution built within WordPress. It’s optimised when working with medium sized businesses, enabling users to transform their site into a professional e-commerce storefront.



Main Features:

  • Great for selling digital and physical goods 
  • Allows for multiple payment options, Stripe, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex
  • Easy integration to receive mobile payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay 
  • Discount codes and promotional codes
  • Integration with analytics tools (Google, Hotjar) 
  • Allows for memberships, subscriptions, bundled sales and dynamic pricing




The Benefits:

  • It’s popular: Meaning it’s constantly being developed and worked on to give the best possible experience for its users. 
  • It’s free: WooCommerce is a free open sourced product, meaning you only have to pay to use a premium add-ons. 
  • The way it operates: WooCommerce operates within WordPress meaning you don’t have to manage two different sites to accomplish your ecommerce store. 
  • Its flexible: Business owners can use it to sell all kinds of products, regardless of their niche


The Negatives:

  • Updates: Unlike Shopify which is SaaS based (updates are automated), with woocommerce you have to update plugins manually and core WordPress software to stay up-to-date. 
  • WordPress specific: WooCommerce is still a plugin part of the WordPRess ecosystem,  you cannot use it in sites that the platform doesn’t host. Meaning if you already have a website created that isn’t already in WordPress, you wouldn’t be able to use WooCommerce without remaking your website.




Build an ecommerce store you can be proud of!

Like many platforms for ecommerce there are pros and cons to all, It’s about finding the right fit for your website. WooCommerce is undoubtedly one of the most popular and can be great for many different ecommerce businesses. 

If WooCommerce is your chosen platform then Foundry Digital are here to help create the most enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. Through engaging design and strong understanding of the user journey we can help integrate WooCommerce seamlessly. 

Our projects include a flexible product catalogue within your ecommerce website’s navigation to allow for easy browsing. Automated features such as product summaries, quantities & totals, alongside the ability to modify an order are also integrated into your shopping basket feature. Once your e-commerce platform is complete you will have a platform that runs smoothly, engages and satisfies the needs of your customers. 

If this is something you are looking to achieve, please get in touch and send us your brief through the link below!


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