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Is WordPress the right solution for building your website?

If your business is considering building a website, do not rush into WordPress just because it looks a straightforward process.  On the contrary, before making a decision you should carefully answer these questions:

  • Why are you building a website?
  • How your website is going to satisfy your business and products needs?
  • Will your website need fresh content, updating old content or ongoing regular maintenance? If the answer is yes, who is going to do that?

At Foundry, we always evaluate the answer to those questions together with clients before building and designing any website. Our main interest is to create the best possible website that allows a company to get the best results for their business.

Main reasons for choosing WordPress


User-friendly for updating: WordPress enable users to regularly update their website without need to know any specific coding such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and MYSQL.

It is a fairly user-friendly platform that once you get to know it, updating or adding fresh content would become an easy and smooth task.

In other words, it would be the right platform for choosing if you need to grow your website with blogs, news or new information, or if requires regular updating that doesn’t demand complex functionalities.

Enable your business to interact easily with visitors: WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool that facilitates interaction with visitors due to its comments capability and interactive plugins.

Pre-set themes to chose from:  if you don’t have time or budget to spend in more elaborated designing and branding, you can use any option of the free themes offered on WordPress. If none of them appeal to you, there is also a selection of themes that can be purchased at reasonable prices.

However, remember that a template is just something to start from. If your objective is to build a web presence and get a professional layout and design that attracts visitors, any chosen template will need to be improved or adapted to your business needs.

SEO functions to optimise your website: with WordPress you are able to incorporate SEO tools into your website. Main search functions can be added easily to all your pages of your site. You can tag all contents and create custom keyword-rich URLs that are vital elements to enable search engines to find your website.

To conclude, WordPress is a convenient solution for many businesses, but even that, you still have to work on it if you intention is to get the best possible results and to set yourself apart from your competitors.

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