Aurea Search

Website design and development to provide Aurea Search a strong and global online presence.


Aurea Search are a global talent advisory for start-ups that are disruptive, innovative and bringing sexy tech to the real world! Priding themselves on having a much needed fresh approach to recruitment, they incorporate their vast global network & partner networks with bespoke software tools, to provide a successful service.



Young and fresh, Aurea Search needed a website that reflected this. Armed with a strong logo and colour scheme, they approached Foundry Digital for the design and development of a website that clearly displayed their talent advisory services in a way unique to any of their competitors. They needed us to create an engaging and visually enticing website that appealed to global visitors.


Our designers got to work creating impactful website designs, incorporating Aurea Search’s strong logo, branding and colour scheme.  Aurea Search needed their three services clearly outlined and displayed in a user friendly way. Our designers created icons to represent each service and our developers implemented inner service pages to clearly detail them.  Within the inner service pages an area was created to display testimonials from reputable companies that Aurea Search have previously worked with.

In order to present Aurea Search as unique to their competitors, Foundry Digital knew that the website needed to be impactful from the moment the user entered the site. The video of a swimming pig on the homepage immediately grabs the users attention and represents the fun and fresh approach Aurea Search have to recruitment. The website was designed and developed to be bold and impactful, whilst still offering strong user experience. It has an easy-to-use structure with clear CTA’s and contact forms, allowing users to navigate the platform with ease and prompting them to get in touch.




Aurea Search’s new website will ensure that they have a strong, online and global presence. The video on the homepage makes the website impactful from the moment the user lands on it and represents Aurea Search’s fresh personality. Their three main services are clearly displayed along with icons to represent them, the testimonials within each service page are tastefully presented to wow clients with the big names Aurea Search have already worked with. This engaging website will aid the global growth of Aurea Search and attract more business for them in the future.


Representing the fun and fresh approach Aurea Search have to recruitment.