Beau Interiors

Bespoke website design to reflect Beau Interiors’ luxurious work.


Established as a family business in 1989, Beau Interiors have successfully glided through the interior design world as a respected voice. Providing a service that is personal to each client, they are well known for their bespoke taste in interiors and ability to make properties stand out.


As a successful and prominent voice in the interior design sector, Beau Interiors gave Foundry Digital the job of reworking their website. With a strong logo and branding already established, they needed a website to include this in a fresh and modern way. Beau Interiors needed a website that would bring them into the digital age, with user friendly functionality and a bespoke and luxurious tone.



The client requested a fresh and stylish website, reflective of the interiors that they create. Our designers at Foundry Digital worked to extend Beau Interiors’ existing branding, incorporating it into new, user friendly website designs. The colour scheme, already existing in their brand, was incorporated into the website and pages, as well as a consistent theme throughout the website. Given their large collection of beautiful imagery, the pages of the website were created to clearly display large images in banners and carousels.

At the top of the website Foundry Digital created a clean menu, allowing users to easily navigate their way around the site. The drop down services menu, displays both their services and furniture collection in a neat and visually pleasing way.




Beau Interiors’ new website is a fresh and original extension of their already existing brand. Foundry Digital loved designing and creating this beautiful new website, which allows their personality and tone to shine through with every corner of the design. The navigation and drop down menu is visually pleasing and encourages users to click through to different parts of the website.



A beautiful new website was created which allowed their personality and tone to shine through with every corner of the design.