City States

An immersive ecommerce website with an easy to manage back-office and seamless front-end use.


‘City-states’ or polis defines the several states within an ancient Greek city, these states each had their own individuality but also found peace and strength when united together as a whole. This is where City States draws its inspiration and freedom to move within the fashion spectrum, collaborating with an eclectic mix of creatives, producing an iconic contemporary fashion brand.


The City States team needed an easy to manage back-office for products and order management, payment options and marketing tools built in, and so WooCommerce was determined as the appropriate platform to host the website.

Although City States came to Foundry Digital with a design for their website, our own designers have revisited the design to refine the site as the company has grown. Always in keeping with the ethos of the company, our designers have kept their work minimalistic, edgy and clean.


After putting the original design into practice, our designers and developers worked alongside the client to hone in on a cleaner user journey and to better present City States bold assets.

A quirky hamburger menu and an image carousel were the latest additions to the design of the website, allowing City States statement menu to be presented without dominating the screen or overlapping the products. The image carousel replaced an image list, improving the overall look of the product page, as well as implementing an enlargement feature for a more practical zoom.



A perfect platform for both a shopper and for City States. The website has a front-end that is attractive and encourages the user on an encompassing journey defining City States subcultural foundation and values. The back-end allows City States to manage their stock and products with ease, allowing more time for creating exclusive, iconic clothing for this contemporary brand.

A front-end that is attractive and encourages the user on an encompassing journey defining City States.