Global Connect

Branding and website design and development for a new brand looking to establish themselves as a global modern financial services provider.


After many years in the FX market, Global Connect founder saw the opportunity of facilitating doing business across international borders. The vision of Global Connect is to give its customers the access and ability to the latest fintech products and services in the foreign exchange market.


Global Connect approached Foundry Digital as a new brand ready to establish its branding and online presence. After a thorough discovery of the creative and technical direction that Global Connect would take, Foundry Digital UX/UI designers jumped straight into the branding, followed by the website design.





The Global Connect users area was to be powered by Cornhill FX, thus it was required to act seamlessly with the website interface. Foundry Digital integrated the Cornhill FX backend system for users on the Global Connect website, allowing them to have full access just as users on the Cornhill FX system would.



Global Connect wanted to include the “GC” in the logo to demonstrate their brand. Foundry Digital took this on board instead of going with an abstract symbol, while still adding an element of design that provided strong visual branding.

Global Connect wanted to remain fairly traditional in it’s branding in order to fit in well into the market. The colour palette was chosen to convey security and trust, Foundry Digital sought to combine this with a fresh look to convey the modernity of the services offered.



Global Connect resulted in a visually strong website with cohesive branding applied throughout, as well as a seamless integrated Cornhill FX system for users to fully access.

Seamless integration of Cornhill FX backend systems that works smoothly with the Global Connect interface.