An exclusive networking platform for sports industry professionals, showcasing the latest business trends and events.


Isportconnect is a networking platform and community for professionals working in the world of sport. Functioning online to provide the latest business and career news in the industry, whilst operating exclusive events around the world for the most prominent leaders in sports business.


Isportconnect came to Foundry Digital with the need for a complete website refresh and new ideas to implement into their website model. They wanted to build an exclusive platform with structured information, dedicated community areas, and place to showcase their events. The Foundry Digital team was excited to take on this large scale project, with only the Isportconnect logo as a base for the rest of the new website.


The Foundry Digital UX team got stuck in on the new layout of the website, restructuring existing pages to smoothly fit in the new community area. This was a complete content restructure to not only showcase the content that members of the website could receive, but also to bring their branding forward across the user as they browse through the site.

Aiming to make the new community area the most interactive for users, our UX designers found the ideal way to showcase events monitoring information as well as business news. With the idea of tailoring each user experience, we developed a way in which every user was shown specific content tailored to their interests. This incorporated itself nicely into keeping users engaged while showcasing the Isportconnect strong online presence.


Isportconnect resulted in a sleek and professional website with strong branding throughout, implemented with a complex community area built with the user in mind.


Implementing strong branding across the website to convey authority and exclusivity to its users.