K&H Design

A bespoke website to reflect their diverse and creative interior design projects.


K&H Design are a client-focused interior design studio, providing original and refined design solutions for residential and commercial projects in Britain and across the world. Meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of how people live is at the heart of all of their projects. They collaborate with craftspeople and specialists to create elegant interiors. Good communication with their clients and suppliers underpins all of their work.


K&H Design asked Foundry Digital to design and develop them a new website that reflected the unique, client-focused approach they take to interior architecture & design. They wanted their website to showcase their previous projects, including information on project details, case studies, sketches and lots of photography. Armed with a strong logo and colour scheme, they needed a new website that clearly displayed all these unique features and helped them stand out against their competitors.


Our designers got to work creating a website that would effectively present K&H’s interior design services, incorporating their sleek colour scheme and branding. It was important that the different areas of the website interlinked, so strong CTA’s were of central importance to each page, aiding and guiding the users navigation around the website. K&H Design had a large amount of amazing photography and wanted a way to showcase this without having to crop or decide between orientations. Gallery pages were created which allowed the client to upload images in any size or orientation, creating a magazine effect and presenting their work in its best form.

K&H Design wanted to clearly present their unique, client-focused approach to interior design and architecture.  They provided Foundry Digital with their 7 step approach to projects, including hand drawn illustrations and a 4 minute video. Our team decided that it was important to create an ‘Our Approach’ page within the about section of the website, which needed to be unique to the other areas of the website. A page was designed that would be on a horizontal scroll (instead of vertical), with the functionality to allow the user to click and drag to move along the page.


K&H Design have a new website that is impactful and reflective of their client-focused approach to interior design and architecture. They are able to showcase their amazing projects, sketches and photography in a flexible way, with no restrictions on image size or orientation.  The website provides a seamless user journey, with strong CTA’s and clear links to all areas of the website. Their client-focused approach to every project is clearly presented in the horizontal scrolling ‘Our Approach’ page, which showcases their 7 steps and video in a distinct way to the rest of the website and their competitors.




A sleek and distinctive client focused website