Penelope Bedroom

Website and Ecommerce design to mirror the stylish and luxurious feel of the bedroom furniture and decor offered by Penelope bedroom.



Focused on bedroom furniture and decorations, Penelope Bedroom UK is now jumping into the UK homeware scene. With down pillows and Queenly duvets, Penelope bedroom offers hotel standard accessories fit for luxurious sleep lovers.



As Penelope Bedroom were already successfully established in Turkey, they had a strong logo and branding that they wanted to use on their UK site.  Therefore, Foundry Digital focused their efforts on creating a perfectly functional and impressive website, with easy navigation and plenty of information for UK customers. At the heart of our website design and development was the understanding that it was important that the Penelope Bedroom website offered an enjoyable user experience for their customers, in order to encourage purchase and increase brand loyalty.



The client requested something clean, stylish, and reflective of the luxury home accessories and decor industry. Our designers at Foundry Digital worked to extend Penelope Bedroom’s existing branding, incorporating it into new, user friendly website designs. Given their wide selection of products, it was important to display them in a clear manner to ensure the user has a smooth and effortless buying experience. A targeted CRO strategy was communicated to our developers so that there was  a consistency across both the visual and functional characteristics of the ecommerce website. Also incorporated into the website was a smart match test function, which allowed users to take a test and discover the best pillows and duvets for them.


Penelope Bedroom resulted in a fresh and original extension of their already existing brand. Incorporating a large amount of products available to customers, as well as smart match tests to ensure the best suited pillows and duvets for all. The colour scheme, already existing in their brand, was incorporated into the website and pages, as well as a consistent theme throughout the website.



The result was a beautiful ecommerce website for Penelope Bedroom made a statement with its new arrival in the UK.