Property Deal

Looking to revolutionize investment accessibility in the property market, Property Deal sought to create an all-inclusive platform for a series of users in the property space.


Property Deal connects the right people to the right people across the property world. It seeks to cater to everyone looking to maximise their profits, from landowners to developers, to investors of all abilities and experience.


Property Deal came to Foundry Digital with a concept, a logo, and initial ideas for the look and feel of their website. Having no direction of their brand, and no idea of how to achieve an investment platform, they looked for our creative and technical solutions to create their ideal website.


The Foundry Digital design team set off with the brief to create a sleek UX journey, taking into account UX principles to ensure the one platform catered to all three primary users; landowners, developers, and investors. In the UX process, our design team sought to find the best website architecture to make it accessible and easy to navigate no matter the user profile. The UI was then applied to wireframes, consisting of a brand new colour palette, and carefully selected imagery to reflect the Property Deal brand, all aiming to engage with users.

Aside from bringing the UI and UX concept to life, the Foundry Digital development team fully integrated the platform with specialised software to achieve the investment functionalities that Property Deal was after, elevating the experience of all users with an interactive and personalised experience on the website once they signed up to the platform.


Property Deal resulted in a visually strong website catering to three primary users, whilst having a sleek UX journey and a personalised element for all.


The Foundry Digital team elevated the experience of all users with an interactive and personalised experience on the website.