Bespoke ecommerce site built with the perfect user journey in mind.


Thames is a trendy skatewear brand hitting the streets of London and abroad, curated and crafted in the heart of London by model and skateboarding professional, Blondey McCoy. Focused on producing skatewear apparel for the 21st century, the brand produces a range of products including clothing, accessories and ultimately, skateboards.


Thames required a website to showcase their apparel and associated photography. Laid out in a minimalistic way, the website was to encourage users to focus primarily on the products and content. Our designers took on the brief and worked towards creating a simple but enticing customer journey that presented the brand effectively and encouraged sales.

Having a range of products for their ecommerce shop, our developers determined Shopify to be the best platform to host the website. Having an easy to manage backend for products and order management, a vast number of popular payment options, certain marketing tools built-in and its own analytics, it was made easier for the client to manage their shop.


Our designers and developers worked alongside the client to realise their need for a minimalistic look. One of the ways this was achieved was through introducing a minimal colour palette of red and white, which were used in small and simplistic design elements to not overwhelm the website. These design elements were incorporated into certain pages in order to give prominence to the content laid out, helping the layout become engaging and pleasant without distracting focus from the content.

A hamburger menu was introduced to highlight the navigation options without dominating the screen and distracting the user from the visual elements. The minimal design elements of a hover effect and the incorporation of the colour palette were used to make it more engaging for the user, encouraging further exploration into the website.


The website resulted in the ideal platform for the client from front-end to back-end. The design effectively incorporates the Thames branding and a clear and enjoyable user journey, whilst having a back-end that allows an enjoyable product buying journey, easy management and the time for the Thames team to focus on producing more of their products!


The website resulted in the ideal platform for the client from front-end to back-end.